Russian Field Test Expedition

For more than 5 years, Sextant Technology is engaged in ecology and atmospheric science research at an international level. Our expertise ranges from risk assessment in seabird conservation to the production of scientific instruments such as burrowscope and fast ozone analysers.

At Sextant Technology Quality and Reliability are not vain words. We know the hash conditions where our instruments are used. Our products are designed and produced at our facility with materials and features carefully selected for optimum performance in the worst conditions.

News Bulletin

  • • 29-Aug-11, Sextant fits “Stirtack” GPS device on Happy Feet

    Dominique Filippi, Wellington based researcher from Sextant Technology, deployed the transmitter, using techniques developed in his work with the French Centre National de Recherche Scientifique Emperor Penguin programme, with whom he works in Antarctica. The device was attached by superglue to the feathers on the lower back of the penguin, and further secured with cable-ties.

  • • 18-Dec-10, Sextant takes on the Emperors.

    Our team of tech-heads is developing innovative technology to monitor the movements of Emperor Penguins in and out of their breeding colonies, as part of a large programme to study changes in the penguin populations in Antarctica led by the CNRS, France.

    A mobile RFID system, to identify individual was field-trialed in Terre Adelie in November 2009, and will be installed in 2012.

  • • 10-Nov-10, New Fast Ozone Analyser for eddy correlation measurements.

    The new version instrument has been redesigned to work in remote towers with battery power supply. It is particularly suitable for forest studies and field stations.

  • • 17-Oct-10, Sextant Burrowscopes used in worlds remotest sites.

    A Sextant Technology burrowscope for wildlife studies has been deployed this season at the remote Gough Island, in the South Atlantic Ocean. Studies of petrels were undertaken, where deep in burrows, birds were viewed using the field-hardy and wireless technology.