Ozone analyser

In collaboration with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique), Sextant Technology Ltd has developed a fast ozone analyser for eddy covariance method. Thanks to its high flow-rate and fast sampling time, the Fast Ozone Sensor is perfectly suitable for this technique.

Our instrument which has been specially designed to work in harsh environment, is already in use on flux towers throughout Europe (INRA, France, University of Helsinki, Finland….)

The Fast Ozone Sensor exists in two version (FOS Standard & FOS 12V) and can be customized on demand.

Shared Characteristics

  • Shoe box size
  • Easily operated by a single person
  • Short tubing length (<30cm between the input filter and the measurement cell) with a 15µm stainless steel filter
  • Standard flow rate up to 2lpm (adjustable between 1lpm to 2lpm). Can be extended to 4lpm (non adjustable) on demand
  • RS232 Serial ouput
  • 24 bits ADC converter
  • Sampling rate up to 50Hz
  • Flowrate sensor and cell temperature measurement
  • PMT protected against light intrusion
  • Long live brushless pump

FOS Standard

This version of the analyser consists in two shoe box units: the sensor and the central unit. The two units are connected through a field network designed to work in harsh environment. Thanks to the central unit, user can check in real time the measurement and modify the acquisition parameters. This instrument is more appropriate for flux tower connected to the grid and for system using a serial connection to retrieve measurements.

  • Human interface, LCD display, formatted analogue output (generated by 16 bits DAC) available on the central unit
  • Power supply 220VAC-240VAC
  • Can network for harsh environment


This one unit version operates on 12VDC only. It is more suitable for remote flux towers power supplied with batteries.

  • Analog output directly derived from the sensors
  • Power supply 12VDC
  • No interface. Configurable only through RS232

Ozone Analyzer
Fast Ozone Analyzer (FOS)