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An innovative burrowscope

Responding to the need for reliable field-ready technologies for ecological studies in harsh environĀ­ments, Sextant Technology Ltd has developed rugged, wireless burrowscopes for the most demanding conditions.

Our burrowscope is now a standard tool for seabirds field work among many organisation: DOC New Zealand, RSPB UK (Gough Island), Niwa, ONC France, Blue penguin trust....

The "Taupe" Burrowscope.

Our Models

TAUPE ø40mm PAL - 752x582 pixels B&W 0.005 Lux *
MULOT *** ø30mm PAL - 640x480 pixels Color 1 Lux **

* visible to near Infra-red with high-efficiency LED lighting (570nm or near infra-red)
** visible with high-efficiency white LED lighting
*** Please note, the Mulot is being prototyped

Main Features

  • Compact and robust design (stainless steel & adonized aluminum)
  • Easily operated by a single person
  • Unbreakable, scratch-resistant sapphire window
  • Teflon stainless steel reinforced hose (1.5m to 2m)
  • Weather resistant IP-66 standard
  • Easily washable to reduce biosecurity concerns
  • 2.4GHz wireless video broadcasting with 2.4" TFT palm-sized monitor
  • Burrowscope powered by 3xD Batteries
  • Burrowscope monitor powered by 4xNiMH AA and/or 8x NiMH AA (A 6V lead acid version is also available)



Burrowscope in action


" Great camera & screen system, clear image and robust design. Not too heavy for backpacking out to places and surprisingly battery-efficient" – Kalinka Rexer-Huber

"The burrow scope is the best I have ever used, I love it and the wireless monitor is great. " –Reuben Lane
Ranger, West Coast Blue Penguin Trust

"This is the first burrowscope I have enjoyed using, others have been frustrating and hard on the eyes. " –Kerry-Jayne Wilson

"Phil Bradfield normally monitors around 400 Hutton's shearwater burrows with his scope every year." –Burrowscope Survey

"Erica Sommer takes between approx. 2-5 minutes to inspect a burrow." – Burrowscope Survey

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